Preparation. Intensity. Consistency. Variety. Fun.

Workouts should be planned.  Each workout must have a guidline to be followed as to what is going to take place during the alloted time.  That plan should be carried out with a moderate to high intensity.  Moving quickly from one exercise to another is a must when taking part in circuit training.  That intensity needs to be carried through to each workout consistently during the week.  Day in and day out workouts need to take place.  I like to have my clients workout six days, 2-4 days of resistance training and 6 days of cardio each week, each week with one day of complete rest.  After a few weeks the body begins to adapt and your workouts need to be varied to keep your body guessing.  This constant adaptation every few weeks will allow for maximum results.  Your workouts also have to be fun.  If your routine isn’t fun you won’t want to take part in it consistently. 

Nutrition – Nutritional Supplementation – Cardiovascular Training – Resistance Training – Flexibility


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