Surviving Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight

21 Nov

If you want to get through Thanksgiving without gaining weight try to employ these strategies:

Plan a headDon’t show up hungry.  If you are going somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner, eat before you leave.  This way you are partially full when you arrive and don’t overindulge because your eyes are larger than your stomach!

Water – Before you eat have a 12 oz. glass of water.  This will help you feel a little full before you even begin to eat.

Load up on veggies – Vegetables are great because you get a lot of bang for your buck.  You get a sizable quantity of food but not much of the caloric burden.  Make sure the veggies are steamed or roasted, and don’t smother them with butter.  Opt for extra virgin olive oil instead.

Portion Control – Use a small plate instead of a larger one.  Using a small plate limits how much food you can fit on it, and it also gives you the perception that you are eating more due to the plate looking and being full.

Sacrifice – Choose which foods you can do without and those you can’t.  Don’t eat something just because it is there.  Choose only four foods you want most, leave the rest.

Avoid Sauces – Sauces typically are VERY high in fat and thus, excess calories.

Avoid Salt – Salt makes you retain water.  Use low sodium or no salt added products to prepare your meals.

Watch out for drinks – Stay away from soda and alcoholic beverages, again these will add unnecessary and empty calories.

Allow 1 small serving/day – If you are going to indulge in desert limit yourself to one small serving of what it is that you want.  This way you don’t go nuts avoiding it only to eventually give in and overeat.

Get Moving – Go for a walk immediately after your meal.  This way you burn a few calories and give your body time to feel full, which can take around 18 minutes.

Get rid of leftovers –  Give them away or throw them away.  If they aren’t around…you won’t eat them.


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