Personal Bests: Techniques For Living An Effective Life

26 Apr

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Greetings from Personal Best Consulting & Dr. Leif Hokanson Smith!

Our April 2011 issue, Issue #89, is made up of three sections:

1. People Skills 101
2. Odds and Ends
3. Word of the Month

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1. People Skills 101

Some ways to improve your interactions with others in the month of April include:

A. Assume people you meet are healthy and friendly. If they prove you wrong, so be it, but it is a good place to start.

B. Understand that differences among people actually make us interesting to each other.

C. Know a little bit (at least) about the world. If you don’t follow the news (“Who’s Libya?”) and don’t care to understand current trends, etc, you simply come across as uninformed and uninteresting. Worse yet, people might think you are simply dumb.

D. Make eye contact, smile, and greet people with genuine enthusiasm. People can spot a fake a mile away.

E. Be able to make light of your own foibles. After all, don’t we all have our own “style” when it comes to screwing up?

F. Too much cologne or perfume can be as offensive as not showering for a week. Especially if your company has a sensitive nose.

G. Demand that those close to you offer the same high level of respect, admiration, and support you offer them.


2. Odds and Ends

A. It always amazes me how many current problems we have in our lives that are related to issues from our childhood. The beauty of our brains is that we can rewire them and let go of hurtful memories, come to terms with our past, and move forward at a moment’s notice.

B. Is there any greater sound than that of your own child giggling?

C. Great reading recommendation: Mindsight, by Daniel Siegel, one of the leading researchers on the benefits of mindfulness in the role of mental health.

D. Average number of days left in the life of a 40 year old: just under 13,000. What to do with those days?


3. January Word of the Month

Mellifluous (adj): sweet-sounding, harmonious, mellowed and honeyed.

Copyright (2011) Leif H. Smith, Psy.D. All rights reserved.
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