Personal Bests: Techniques For Living An Effective Life

8 Mar

Another great monthly letter from Dr. Leif Hokanson Smith.  Check out for more!

Greetings from Personal Best Consulting & Dr. Leif Hokanson Smith!

Our March 2011 issue, Issue #88, is made up of three sections:

1. Manufacturing Excitement
2. Odds and Ends
3. Word of the Month

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1. Manufacturing Excitement: 5.85 Ways to Get Excited About Your Life

A. Reconnect with an old, dear friend. You can do that in (literally) a minute in this day and age. Email them, call them up, and plan a get together. Just do it.

B. Schedule a three day weekend vacation, and go to a city or place you’ve been meaning to visit but have never gotten around to visiting. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and you don’t need to schedule every sightseeing tour that exists. Just go.

C. Skip the indoor treadmill and sign up for a new workout/fitness class/martial art. It really isn’t that expensive (considering how much a Latte at Starbucks costs, eh?) and you’ll get in shape while having more fun than you’ve had in a long time. I started traditional Muay Thai training last year and have so much fun when I do it that I forget how hard of a workout it is. Change it up!

D. Spend one weekend decluttering your life. Put everything you can into boxes to donate to your favorite charity (books, old clothes, toys, etc) and then call them up. Many charities will come to your doorstep and pick them up for you, and you’ll feel “lighter” while knowing that you are doing a good thing for others.

E. Plan a Spring project. This can take the form of a room remodel, new landscaping, or even a new business product idea. Set a short deadline (one month or less), as well as a budget, and get going! 

F. Take a mental health day from work. Spend that day however you want, but leave the cell phone at home (or if you are staying in and watching Dexter reruns, turn the phone off).


2. Odds and Ends

A. Life is a cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death, in all things. Each part of the cycle is important. Just as we celebrate the seasons (Spring=birth, Summer=growth, Fall=decay, and Winter=death), so to should we celebrate the cycle in everything else.

B. There’s very little new information floating around the abyss today. Those that stand out deliver it differently, and in a more usable and interesting form, than most everyone else.

C. Know when to say “when” in your pursuit of personal happiness, since there can undoubtedly be a point of diminishing returns on your efforts. Friendships need to evolve, business practices need to be streamlined and improved, our taste in wardrobe needs to be updated, etc. There’s a point at which doing the same thing you’ve always done stops working.

D. One of the worst and most uncomfortable smells in the world: sweaty dog smell. Put me in a chamber filled with sulfer anyday, but don’t put me in a phone booth with a sweaty dog.


3. March Word of the Month

Vapidity (adj): the art of being boring or dull, without life. 

Copyright (2011) Leif H. Smith, Psy.D. All rights reserved.
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