Workout of The Day

2 Mar

Today we are going to do the same workout as Monday, but we are going to take it to the next level. We are going to challenge your body a little more in reference to stability.

Band Walk: 12 steps each way

Odd Grip Pull Ups: 12 (each hand on a different grip)

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 12 (single arm, standing on opposite leg)

Alternating Quadruped: 20 (Hands on one BOSU, knees on another BOSU)

Single Leg Deadlifts: 12/leg (now holding a barbell with moderate weight)

Push Ups: 12 (feet on a stability ball or medicine ball)

Side Plank: 30sec/side (hold your top leg in the air, or raise and lower it)

Bulgarian Squats: 12/leg (hold a 10lb or 25lb plate overhead with arms locked out)

Body Rows: 12 (place your feet on a stability ball)

Single Leg Plank: 1min (for 30sec hold up your right leg, then your left for 30sec)

3 Rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next.


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