Personal Bests: How to Be a Better Version of Yourself

6 Jan

Greetings from Personal Best Consulting & Dr. Leif Hokanson Smith!

After seven years of using the same format, I’ve decided that I get bored of writing the same sorts of things for seven years. Our January 2011 issue, Issue #86, is made up of three sections:

1. Blitzing 
2. Odds and Ends
3. Word of the Month

1. Blitzing

A blitz is defined as an all-out, overwhelming attack, either by air or by ground. Blitzing, in football, involves sending extra defenders after the quarterback, in hopes of pressuring him into a turnover or a bad decision.

I believe in the power of an occasional blitz on our life goals. This is what it looks like to me:

A. Take that to-do list that you’ve been making for however long (some people’s are months or even years long) and use it as your agenda for a day.

B. Resolve to turn off the TV, the radio, the internet (other than for use during the blitz) for at least a half-day or full-day.

C. Start the day out early, perhaps an hour or two earlier than usual

D. Exercise first thing upon waking. Take a walk in the brisk morning air with your dog (or strange looking cat you bought via the internet), go for a jog, get on your treadmill, or hit the gym. Do at least 30 to 45 mins of exercise (at least enough to break a sweat).

E. Eat a healthy breakfast, make a pot o’ fresh coffee.

F. Shower with good-smelling soap (this step is crucial). Turn on some of your favorite tunes. Movie scores are good choices, since they can motivate while serving as background (soundtrack) for your busy day.

E. Upon getting dressed, sit down with your list, and begin with the easiest task on that list, and go after it. Make that call, send that email, get in the car and make the trip to that store, whatever. If you have to get in the car, group tasks together for the same trip.

F. Once that task is completed (or at least, once you have taken action toward its completion) you can then move on to the next easiest task. Doing so in this manner builds momentum and confidence early on.

G. Resolve to forget about the clock while rolling up your sleeves and working your butt off to get as many of those tasks done as quickly as possible

H. Keep in mind that this is best done by setting aside an entire day. Take a mental health day from work (I can write you an excuse if needed, since I’ve played a doctor on TV), especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

I. Resolve to do as much as you can and end only when you feel extremely productive and proud. On my good blitz days, I am usually done by 2 or 3 pm.

That’s it. Do this once per month at a minimum, once per quarter at a maximum. 


2. Odds and Ends

A.  How is it that one car, or one person in the grocery line, or one person at the local coffee shop, can somehow slow or stop the progress of all those around them and then act surprised at the outcome? 

B. We never really know what is going on in someone else’s head, or life. That’s why it’s important to treat them as you would want to be treated: Wait for evidence prior to convicting them of being shallow, stupid, or even altruistic.

C. It’s much easier (and more effective) to stick to a diet of moderation for a long period of time than it is to stick to an extreme, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free diet for a short period of time.

D. Most people, if you listen to them for long enough, have something to teach you if you let them.

E. I’m convinced that the reason that life speeds up as we age is because we become less mindful in our everyday life. Children are masters of living in the moment, whereas adults are masters of worrying about tomorrow.

F. Relationships change as we grow older and our needs change. You need to move on from some of your old relationships and nurture new ones along the way wherever you can.


3. January Word of the Month

Indomitable (adj): Impossible to subdue or defeat. Synonyms include invincible, unconquerable, unyielding. Origin comes from the latin indomitabilis, a combination of in- (not) and domitare (to tame)



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